Posted by: Nadine | February 4, 2010

Playgroup faux-pas or uptight mommy?

I take Willow to a playgroup at our community center twice a week, and she really enjoys it.  It’s basically a gymnasium filled with tons of toys, slides, Flintstone-style cars, etc etc, and it’s two hours of free play.  Willow goes bananas everytime we pass by the community center, so I guess it’s safe to say she has a pretty good time there.  It’s good for me too, as I’ve become friends with a couple other moms that go, and I can get some adult conversation that I may not get otherwise.  Fabulous.

Last week, I was confronted by a situation I wasn’t sure how to quite deal with.  There was a man there with his son, and he was busy clicking some pictures of his son with his cell phone.  Fine, right?  The trouble I had was that my daughter was in those pictures too.  Now think about it…. what do we all do with the pictures of our kids?

We put them on the internet.  Facebook, MSN, Myspace… the list goes on. 

If it had been one of my friends snapping the pictures, it would not have bothered me in the least, as they are someone I know and trust.  However, this man was a total stranger, and the fact that he didn’t even ask me if I was okay with him taking pictures of my child really irked me.  I mean, I was sitting right there, what stopped him from saying “Hey I’m just taking some pictures of my son, is it okay if your daughter is in them?”  That’s what I would have done, anyways.   I think the parent should be in control of where pictures of their child ends up.

So is this just me being super-uptight, or was this a faux-pas on the man’s part?  How would you handle something like this?

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