Posted by: Nadine | February 2, 2010

And so it goes….

I know, I know, I totally vowed to blog more often, and here it’s been almost two months….. I’ve actually had quite a few thoughts rolling around that I wanted to write about, but emotionally just haven’t felt strong enough to deal with the scrutiny that may ensue afterwards.  I mean, lately I haven’t been able to even update my Facebook status without dealing with scrutiny, ffs (what are you, the status police?  REALLY).  I’m going to try to work on ignoring that and just writing down my thoughts.

Ryan has been back to work a few times in the past couple of weeks after being laid off for the winter…. yay, happy dance.  I liked having him home, but I am relieved that he will be getting paid again 😀  I am also looking forward to getting back into the routine I had before and not feeling insanely jealous because HE gets to sleep in all the time and I don’t…. now he has to get up, just like me…. NEENER NEENER! 

Our difficulties with Haley’s behaviour haven’t improved much, but the good news is they are no worse.  The doctors offered me a prescription for her for some sort of scary-sounding anti-rage medication, but until they can figure out more about what is going on with her, I refuse to medicate her.  To me that is too much of an easy way out, for her AND me, and if they aren’t really sure what the problem is in the first place, how can they possibly know what medication she would need?  I’m looking to get her better, not just shut her up, although I’m sure that there are parents out there at their wits ends who might take their doctors up on that 😀

Work is definitely going better than it was before, which is a relief as it is damn near impossible to find work this time of year and I would have been stuck either way.  They finally worked out the kinks in payroll so I am getting my paycheques, and the new manager is awesome.  What does suck is that a couple of my friends got laid off, and there have been some rumours floating around that there will be more lay-offs to come, but apparently these rumours have been started by people that don’t actually have a clue what they are talking about and there is really nothing to worry about.

On a happy happy note, I found the creative outlet I so desperately needed.  I’ve started making my own bath and beauty products.  It all kind of started a couple months ago when I was trying to sell off the rest of my Mary Kay inventory (after trying and trying to make it in that business and failing miserably) and my cousin asked for an ingredient list for their mineral make-up.  She was pretty grossed out at how many nasty chemicals these products contained, so I started doing some research on some of the ingredients myself and found that a lot of them can be pretty bad for you.  I thought to myself what a kick it would be to learn to make the stuff myself using alternative (safer) ingredients.  Shortly afterward I started researching how to make your own bath bombs, lip glosses and makeup.  The internet is abundant with recipes and different websites that sell supplies to make these products, but a lot of these recipes still contained the same yucky ingredients I wanted to avoid.  After several tries, I finally came up with some recipes that are safe and don’t contain harmful fillers.  I have started off easy making bath bombs (you know, the ones that fizz in your bath and smell pretty), next will be lip glosses.  (I actually tried lip glosses before but the recipes I had didn’t quite work, I have new ones that hopefully will work better).  After that, I am trying my hand at mineral makeup.  I LOVE makeup, so why not?  What I would like to do is sell my products at the farmer’s market over the summer, and of course sell over the internet and make a little extra money.  I am saving up for makeup artistry school, so what better way than to sell beauty products that I make myself?

I guess I better close this off for now.  I am super-tired and I should be off in la-la land now BUT Mr. Snorey McSnoreypants woke me up (which has been turning into a bit of a habit and I’m about to banish him to the couch!)  I haven’t heard any snoring for a while so maybe it’s safe to go back to bed… so g’nite for now 🙂


  1. yaya nadine is back.. hihihhihihhiihiihihi

    I like that you always keep trying stuff.. 🙂

  2. Well you know how it goes, if at first you don’t succeed…. bury your head in sand like scared little ostrich… wait that’s not it 😀

  3. wait that isn’t it…? crap no wonder I’ve been getting it wrong

  4. Dude. Now you know why I blog where noone knows. I had to get away from my real life people judging and “shoulding” on me. Same with the FB status. Just cuz I put it on there, doesn’t mean I have to explain what I’m talking about. Now I just don’t respond if I don’t feel like it. I’ve learned that not everything needs to be responded to.

    Have you considered going to a naturalpath instead of medication?

  5. or you could just tell everyone to fuck off 😉 like me 😀

  6. Dee – that is a great idea, I will check into that 😀
    Mag – that is also a great idea 😀 LMAO!!!

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