Posted by: Nadine | October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Isn’t it great that we have a holiday that is based solely on gratitude?  I think we should have more of these, so we can all be reminded to spend some time reflecting on what fabulous things we have in our lives.  Sure, it’s in human nature to want to have more of everything, to keep up with those we perceive to be more well-off than we are (I say perceive because in a lot of cases, what they have in material things, they lack in happiness).  But I personally find that when I just spend a couple minutes thinking of all the positive in my life, I feel happier, which helps everyone around me feel happier, too.

So what am I thankful for?  Lemme start by saying I have the best family EVER!!!!  My husband is truly phenomenal, he understands me better than anybody and his patience is truly unwavering.  When I’ve had a bad day, I can just unload on him without fearing judgement, and when I’m pumped about something, I can count on loads of encouragement.  He does his damnedest to make sure I have everything I need or want.  He’s yet to forget a birthday or anniversary, and he also considers the actual day we got together, almost eight years ago, our anniversary too.  Yes, he is as close to Mr. Perfect as they get, and he is all mine 😀  And then I have two fabulous daughters.  My oldest has taught me (and is STILL teaching me!) everything I know today about parenting, the virtue of patience and the art of picking your battles 🙂  She is the biggest help with the baby, and is always striving to do her best.  My youngest is just as cute as a button, and her perseverance is inspiring.  I can appreciate now how difficult is must be to learn everything from birth, from rolling, to crawling, to walking, to saying words.  The absolute joy on her face when she takes a few steps brightens the whole room, and when she falls down, she just gets right back up again.  We can all learn a lot from that, don’t you think?

Then there’s my parents.  I can honestly say I never really appreciated them until I had children of my own.  Who knew how difficult it would be to work for a living, pay the bills, AND be responsible for the health and happiness of a little person who, quite frankly, won’t appreciate you until THEY have children of their own?  Parenting is definitely the most thankless job there is 😀  My mom and dad are always there for me, no matter what, and I wouldn’t trade the relationship I have with them today for anything. 

That brings me to my friends.  You know who you are, whether we’ve known each other for (lemme see….) 24 years, one year, or anything in between.  Whether we talk often or just once in a while.  Whether we live in the same province, or halfway around the world.  Whether we met at school, or at work, or just randomly through a mutual friend.  You all matter to me so much and I’m so grateful to have such positive forces backing me up!  Big hugs to all of you.

I am also grateful for all the experiences I have had over the years that, at that particular time, sucked.  Because these experiences helped to make me the person I am today, and quite frankly, I like who I am.  Besides, having a crappy job helps me to appreciate the fact that today I have a pretty easy job for more pay.  It also makes me more compassionate towards those who work in those particular fields and not so quick to get impatient if they make a mistake.  I’ve been there, I know how it feels to get berated for doing imperfect work when you’re getting paid minimim wage.  Having had crappy boyfriends helps me appreciate how great the man I married is.  Having had friendships that didn’t last makes me appreciate the ones I have now, particularly the ones that have lasted over many years.  The universe seems to have perfect order, and for every time I didn’t get what I wanted, or things didn’t go the way I planned, everything ended up working out in the end.

So thank you, universe, for my family, for my friends, for the abundance that surrounds me.


  1. hugs!

    • I love yoooooooouuuuuuu!!!!!!

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