Posted by: Nadine | August 5, 2009

…..and a good time has been had by all!

The past two or three weeks has been no less than a whirlwind.  Lemme just start off by saying that having my license is freakin’ AWESOME…. it is so very cool to not have to leave half an hour early just to go somewhere.  I went to pick my kid up from a playdate, I left five minutes before it was time to get her and STILL got there a couple minutes early!

So where to start…. so the visit with my sister went really well, it was definitely nice to see her after so many years and my kids really enjoyed her.  We decided to spend a day shopping in Penticton, and that was an adventure all on it’s own…. let’s just say I think I got a little overzealous and wasn’t quite ready for city driving (and let’s face it, Penticton is NOT a “big city”)  I ended cutting someone turning left (it was a close call and YES it was all my fault – so embarrassing), missed my turn to go to a restaurant for lunch and spent half an hour trying to find my way back, THEN hopped a freaking curb coming out of the drive-thru!  It was lucky we had left early and gotten some shopping done because  by the time we were done lunch, I decided I just wanted to go home…. I had enough of  driving!  We had some great family picnics (one of which we were thanking our lucky stars our picnic table was covered, because it started pouring, then hailing!) and lots of downtime just sitting and chatting.  The visit seemed to come to a close really fast and it was a bit hard to see her go back home but that’s just the way it goes.  At least she got a decent visit with her family, which I think EVERYONE needed.

Then last Friday, we went to see Bill Cosby… oh hell yeah!  My parents bought tickets for me and Ryan as an anniversary gift, and the show was great.  He is funny even when it seems like he isn’t even trying to be funny!  I grew up listening to his tapes when we travelled, so it was really neat to see him in person.

Then my friend Krista and her family came for a visit, and I got to spend a whole day with them.  What a great family they are.  Besides the fact that Krista and Tom are a really great couple, they have four kids who are among the best behaved, most well-mannered children I have EVER MET.  Seriously.  I wish we lived closer to them so Haley could hang out with them all the time.  I was so sad to see them go, next time they are down this way I hope I can talk them into staying longer.

We took Haley to the fair in Penticton the next day.  It a pretty small fair (if you lived in Smithers the it’s a little smaller than the fall fair, and without the exhibits).   Haley had a blast going on all the rides, Ryan went on a couple with her and Willow and I puddled around and saw what there was to see.  We thought this would be our last family outing before I went back to work, but strangely I haven’t been put on the schedule yet…. hmmmmm, not sure if I should be concerned or doing the happy dance!

On a side note, I finally got to try out our new pool!  Considering the fact that it’s been between 35 and 40 degrees the past couple of weeks, the pool was QUITE warm!  Still a nice way to unwind after a hectic day.

This week holds no promises of slowing down…I’m in the midst of planning another Mary Kay party (a few, actually, if I can get some decent leads)  Haley has a playdate with a really nice kid who just recently moved here, the next street dance is this Friday, then on Saturday is the big Peach Fest Parade!  If I didn’t thrive on chaos so much, I would probably be hiding under the bed right now 🙂

Anywho, it’s the middle of the night and I should try to get in a couple hours of sleep before it’s time to get up and start the new day.  Hope everyone has an amazing week!


  1. Magda, that’s me, misses Nadine, that’s you.

    • I miss you tooooooooooo!!!!!! kiss kiss

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