Posted by: Nadine | July 24, 2009


Sooooo…… got some kinda big news to share…. if you’ve been on my Facebook lately, you’ll already know, but I did my driving test yesterday, and finally, FINALLY got my licence.  Why is this such a big deal to me?  Because it is something I have put off for… let’s see…. 14 freaking years!  I had a very intense fear of driving, almost to the point that I would start hyperventilating and/or crying once I got behind the wheel.  A wee bit embarrassing, but I think most people can identify with having one thing that freaks them out more than anything else.  My biggest fear of driving would be obviously getting into an accident and being responsible for hurting someone else.  However, being a mother of two children kinda makes having a licence a necessity, so with Ryan’s coaching and limitless patience, I started practicing.  I learned to control my breathing (I would actually have to REMIND myself to breathe, as I would find myself holding my breath without even realizing it!) and concentrate on what I was doing rather than what bad things could possibly happen.

I still need a lot of practice… but I can get it anytime I want, now that I have the freedom.  Victory is mine!

On another “woohoo” note, my sister is here visiting.  As I mentioned before, we haven’t seen each other in years, due to some big-time family drama and the fact that she lives so far away now.  We definitely have a different sister-to-sister dynamic than we used to, and I don’t think it will ever be what it used to, but it is really nice to have her here.  We’ve been so busy with kids and family visits and whatnot that we haven’t had much of a chance to really sit down and have a good talk, but she is here for another week so the opportunity is bound to present itself soon 🙂  I can’t express how happy I am to see her reconnect with her children and my parents, everyone is so happy to see her and I hope that we can all keep that connection going. 

Well, I’m in for quite a day, I’ve been up all night…. there’s been a pretty wicked lightning storm going since dinnertime last night and I think all the electricity in the air has got me all charged up!  I’d better go try and get some rest before the kids wake up.  Toodles!


  1. Woot!!!

    I was 30 when I finally got mine.

    It killed me how people I was driving with would in one breath be screaming at some idiot car, then in the next say “you really should go for your license”. Um. No thanks.

  2. So you have a real license now, or an N or a learners?

  3. yay.. now don’t wait another 15 years to do the next test!

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