Posted by: Nadine | June 6, 2009


Well, here I am again, wondering why it’s taken me so long to get my ass on here and update my blog!  Chalk it up to a little bit of busyness and a lack of motivation, I guess 🙂

So everything seems like pretty old news, but to wrap up my trip home, we ended up staying one extra day, which gave us a little time to decompress before the long drive home.  The kids and I went out for lunch with Krista and her family, which was lots of fun, and they surprised me by paying!  I did a little bit of shopping, which believe it or not, was a bit of a novelty (we have comparable shopping here, by which I mean there is very little of it, but the stores in Smithers are at least a little different!)  The trip home was fine, the kids were pretty sick of being in the car but I would say they handled it well considering.  However, I will NEVER, NEVERNEVERNEVER stay in a Sandman hotel ever freakin’ again – we decided to stay overnight in William’s Lake, and found a Sandman, which was about $10 cheaper than the OTHER hotel we stayed at on the way to Smithers that sucked….  just like the Sandman in Prince George we stayed at a couple of years ago, it was party-freakin’-central.  Drunks in the hallways making a bunch of racket, doors slamming….. I called front desk to complain at around 1 am, and it stopped for a few minutes, but then started right back up again and continued until 4 in the effing morning.  We were so freaking tired, and the worst part is that the managers didn’t even offer us a discount or anything. 

When we got back home, it was pretty much back to the same old routines…. school, work, and gettng all our ducks in a row for buying our new house.  Before we knew it, it was TIME TO MOVE….  Lucky for us, my parents helped up tremendously, as did one of Ryan’s co-workers.  Don’t know how we would have done it without them, seeing as you never know how much crap you actually own until you have to move it all.  So Saturday was the big moving day, but since everyone was so hot and tired, we had to save some for Sunday.  While Ryan and my dad finished up on Sunday, it was my job to do the big housecleaning, and clean I did!  I don’t often get a sore back, but by the time I was done, I felt like I was 80 years old 😛  Hopefully we will get our entire damage deposit back, we kinda need it!  Side note – our downstairs neighbor and his wife moved into our place when we moved out, and we finally got revenge on them for all their cigarette smoke we had to put up with….  Of course when you move, you find a lot of things you really don’t need, and a lot of garbage accumulates.  Ryan’s co-worker took most of the functional stuff we didn’t want and couldn’t sell at our garage sale, but the garbage we had to leave in the driveway, because the dump was closed.  Ryan told them he would be back on Tuesday to pick it all up, but unfortunately he had to work late and couldn’t go get it…..  apparently our ex-neighbor was super pissed about this and our ex-landlord (also Ryan’s boss) had to hire someone to go pick it up.  Ryan’s boss didn’t really seem to care, and it was so satisfying to finally get back at these people. 

So we’ve been living in our new house for a whole week now, and it occured to me that the move came about so fast that I never really gave myself a chance to say goodbye to the old place…. I know it was just a rental, but it held a lot of good memories.  Ryan and I got married while we were living there, and I brought my baby home from the hospital to that house.  Sigh….  it would be nice to go back one more time just to have a look around and say those goodbyes, but with new people in there already, that just isn’t a possiblity, and it wouldn’t be the same anyways.

It took a while to get used to the idea of actually owning our home as opposed to renting, but I’ve adjusted and I couldn’t be happier.  I still stop and look around every now and then and think “It’s OURS!”  The place needs a lot of work, but I totally don’t care – because it’s ours!

Yep – life is gooooooooood.


  1. Magda, That’s me! Would like to see pictures of the house

  2. The best thing about owning is that if you never want to move again, you don’t have to!!

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