Posted by: Nadine | May 14, 2009

More vacation fun

Whew!  Who said vacation was all about rest and relaxation?  I’m having too much fun for that….  Let’s see, Monday I went to visit Aleida, and I got to bask in her Mary Kay AWESOMENESS!  She’s done such a great job of building her business, and I’m so proud of her – hope I can climb the ladder as quickly as she has!  I got such a chuckle out of Haley and Aleida’s oldest son – they had never met, but seemed to really connect.  They played the whole time Aleida and I visited, we hardly saw them!  So cute. 

On Tuesday Ryan took me to Houston to visit Melanie, who I haven’t seen in, I dunno, about 8 or 9 years…. it’s been a long freaking time.  We actually just found each other on Facebook less than a month ago, so to have a face-to-face visit was tres cool.  Her little guy, who just turned one, and Willow got to hang out together, and Melanie and I got to do a little catching up.  Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and we had to head back.  Ryan’s mom hosted another family dinner, so once again I got to kick back and the girls got to show off and be the center of attention.  Good times!

Yesterday was the big “Picnic in the Park”.  I got the idea of organizing this event from Krista, who had another out-of-town friend visit her recently.  This other friend basically said “I came all this way, I can’t go see everyone individually so if you want to hang out, here’s where I’ll be.”  I thought that was pretty cool, and I adopted the idea.  I thought it would be neat to have it outdoors, since most of us have kids, and kids don’t do well sitting still in a restaurant or in someone else’s house while the grown-ups have a visit.  Considering the fact that the weather was ass, there was a pretty good turn-out.  Melanie and her husband Dennis, (who incidentally was the only husband that was there, poor guy!) Aleida, and Gena all showed up.  We totally got rained on, but we still had a good time.  It was so much fun to just talk and laugh with old friends. 

Today promises to be crazy – I have to get a hold of my momma and try to steal her for a quick coffee, and I have to get together with my Mary Kay Senior Sales Director and get some ideas from her how to build my business.  It looks nice and sunny, so it would probably be a good day to bring the kids to the park for some fresh air.  I better get started!

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