Posted by: Nadine | April 26, 2009

I GOT her!!!

A while back my friend Magda came up with this idea that since everyone expects pranks on April Fool’s Day, we should make it April Fool’s Month instead, thus making it more fun to prank your friends because you can catch them off guard.  Only a few days after presenting this idea, she asks me send her some Mary Kay samples.  I said sure, with full intentions of packing some up and mailing them.  As I was gathering a few up, I thought “what a perfect opportunity to get her!”  So I folded up some small pieces of paper, made them into little envelopes and stuffed them with cotton balls, making them LOOK like samples…. even scribbled on the outside of the packages so if she saw them through the envelope, it would also look like samples!  I just read her blog, and she got her samples alright…. here is where you can see her reaction, where she speaks of me in glowing terms….  

What can I say… it was her idea in the first place, so she doesn’t get to bitch 🙂


  1. good on nadine..that was halarious!

    • heh heh!!!

  2. You sooooo got her. Look at my response on her blog.

    You rock!

  3. great job girl. It is not easy to get that brat so glad you managed it love peg

    • *thanks mummy*!!! It was fun!

  4. I hope you check out my new blog

  5. ROT!!!

  6. “What can I say… it was her idea in the first place, so she doesn’t get to bitch :)”

    BTW I dont’ give a rats ass what you say.. I SOOOO get to bitch and I have a video online that proves it!!!

  7. Heh – so I saw. I’ve watched it a few times, laughed my ass off 🙂

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