Posted by: Nadine | April 25, 2009

damn weather!

*shaking fist at sky*

Our garage sale was a total bust, and I’m pretty sure it’s because it was WINDY and RAINY and COLD.  Hardly anyone showed up, and we sold maybe 20% of what we had.  We brought in about $100….. grumble grumble.  Look, I know $100 is $100, but it should have been WAY more…. I had a lot of good stuff to sell!  What really sucked is that another house down the road was also having a garage sale, and every time I turned around, there were people there leaving with armloads of stuff!  So apparently the crappy weather didn’t affect them….  I guess I”m just pissed that I put so many hours and so much effort into this stupid garage sale and still had to haul a bunch of crap back into our garage.  Bah.

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