Posted by: Nadine | April 24, 2009

Startin’ all over again

Okay, okay, so it’s been FOREVER since my last post.  I’m a crappy blogger.  Deal with it.  That being said, there IS an awful lot to catch up on, so it kind of feels like I’m starting my blog over again.  First and foremost, my last post may have left some hanging, but anyone who visits my Facebook page will know by now that we are (dah dah dah daaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!) purchasing our first home.  During my last post we were just starting the process, and just to show what bastards banks can be, we are STILL jumping through hoops.  They set out all these conditions that we had to satisfy, no problem – the trouble was, they kept coming up with more, and more, and more!  Could they dangle us just a little bit more?  From the sounds of things, we are done and the financing is approved, but I’m not holding my breath yet.  Blue is not my colour.

To my absolute embarrassment, I have completely blown my diet.  Completely.  After I swore to myself I wouldn’t… (shakes head)  It started out when I got the flu about three weeks ago, I stopped exercising (honestly, who wants to break a sweat when their body feels like it’s been hit by a semi?  If you can, kudos to you…. I’m not that strong.)  Then somewhere along the way I gave myself permission to quit tracking my food, which was probably the biggest mistake I made.  Then, I quit paying attention to what I was eating altogether, started pretty much eating what I wanted when I wanted, and BAMMO!  Fat Nadine had taken back over.  To tell the truth, I haven’t even stepped on the scale in about two weeks, and I’m terrified to….  Sigh.  Why do I do this to  myself?  I was doing SO WELL.  Damn anyways.

On a completely different topic:

dscf0304I, who have no green thumb whatesoever (plants are actually afraid to live in my house, as they know that I am a flake and will forget to water them, and they will shrivel up and die) have managed to make squash plants grow!  When I was making baby food for Willow (yes, making – have I become domesticated or what!) I decided, just for shits and giggles, I would plant some of the seeds from the squash I had cooked for her and see what happened.  I grabbed a couple of little pots, tossed in some soil and about five seeds into each pot, and LOOKIE HERE!  I actually had to thin out one pot, because it had FOUR plants growing in it.  Gold squash-growing star for me.

By the way, Mag – how’s that mint coming along?  Bwahahahaha!

I also wanted to share some pictures of my Mary Kay business debut, I know it was almost a month ago but I’m still pretty proud of they way I had it set up…









Now is that pretty or what?  It’s just too bad that more people didn’t get to see it 😦  Hopefully after we get settled into our new digs I can hold another sort of event. 





I’m having a yard sale tomorrow morning.  I should actually be getting organized for that right now, but I’m too lazy.  Besides, I work well under pressure (sort of) and morning is really my most energetic time of the day, so I can just get up ridiculously early tomorrow morning and get things set up then.  I am REALLY REALLY hoping for a good turnout, because from the looks of things, we will not be able to afford our trip home this spring.  A trip I was looking forward to more than anything, especially now that I have reconnected with lots of old friends who I have so much in common with (husband, kids of around the same age)  So the trip really depends on whether or not we sell enough tomorrow.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.

I think that’s it for now.  Have a fabu day, all.


  1. Congrats again on the (almost) purchase of a new home. Banks do suck you dry, but in the end, it will be worth it and six months from now, it will be but a distant memory. Kind of like giving birth, except your passing a house…ouch, never mind.

    The diet will get back on track. When your settled and more in that kind of zone, you’ll blast through and laugh at the rest of us huffing and puffing trying to keep up. Hey-wait a minute. Never mind, eat a twinkie! I damn near died doing 50 crunches today!

    Your plants look amazing. Sounds like you have a “green” thumb like mine. I think of an ivy and somewhere, somehow, an ivy plant has died. It’s a mutant gift. So, I stick with bamboo and a plant my dad gave me that I can’t remember the name of. That Marie waters.

    Can’t wait to hear more news on the house, and good luck with the garage sale. I hope you can go on your trip and get to see family and friends. Can’t wait for the next blog….whenever that may be!!


  2. lol – thanks jo 🙂 My elliptical trainer is still in my living room, staring me in the face with big puppy-dog eyes…. “What’s the matter? Don’t you LOVE me anymore?” This coming week I’ll be hopping back on. Starting Sunday. That’s my committment. I’m still hopeful about our trip, and I want to look smokin’ for it (okay so realistically that probably won’t happen but HEY the thought is there!) I will post again tomorrow after the garage sale and let ya know how we did.

  3. dude we all fell off the wagon… and then just laid in the mud…. seriously.. Stupid sickies
    BACK ON TRACK.. bootcampB!! lol

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