Posted by: Nadine | March 29, 2009

busy bee!

The past couple of days have been super-busy, in a good way!  I spent most of the week getting my business “space” organized – the computer desk, and a box that contains my inventory so-far, my reciepts, and all my paperwork.  Yesterday I went to a training session in Okanagan Falls, and it was the fastest three hours of my life.  The sales director was just so much fun to talk to, I got to meet a fellow new consultant from Penticton, and I learned SO MUCH!  I’m scared to death of talking in front of people, and I don’t want to be one of those pushy obnoxious salespeople, but they really teach you how NOT to do stuff like that.  I am determined to make something of this business!

The reason I really want to launch my business is because it is just for ME.  Not for my husband, not for my babies, just ME.  I do love being a wife and a mom, but I’ve gotten to the point that all I ever do is for them!  My whole day revolves around making sure they have a clean house to live in, clean clothes, meals (although I have to say Ryan is good about helping with dinner if I’m too tired!) so on and so forth.  I never seem to have any time or energy left over to take care of me!  This is going to be MY project

I also spent the week catching up on phone calls.  Now I haven’t been a “phone person” since I quit smoking, since I associated one with the other so much.  I think this past week I spent more time on the phone than I have in the past two years altogether!  And there were still a couple of people I didn’t get around to calling, hopefully I can do that this coming week.

On a side note, I’m going driving today.  I’m nervous as all hell…. send me positive vibes please!  I need need need my licence, and I can’t put it off any longer.  This has just got to be done, even if I have to white-knuckle it :)\

I have been a total ass about tracking my food this week, and definitely fell short of my goals for exercise (although today counts, I don’t think I can do three hours of exercise to make up for the other days I didn’t do enough, or any at all).  HOWEVER, by some miracle, I still managed to bring my weight down to 165.  I got a reality check yesterday on how much further I have to go….  I don’t own a full length mirror, so I never really see myself from the shoulders down.  At the sales director’s house, we were sitting in front of a closet that basically had a mirror for a door, and I got a full view of myself sitting down – good lord.  I even got a side view of my face….  ew.  No more screwing around!

This week promises to be just as busy as last, but I’m looking forward to it.


  1. OMG, are you telling me that you found that fat bitch that used to jump in front of me all the time whenever I was faced with a full length mirror??? I wondered where she went! LOLOLOL

    Just kidding, love.

    My friend has a closet of mirror and I went to her house for the first time and just about DIED when I saw myself in it. I actually did not recognize that horrendously overweight woman in the mirror. Sam and I joked about that fat cow that jumps in front of us for pictures and full length mirrors all the time.

  2. I know that chick… but she doesn’t do the mirror thing.. probably because she knows I’d kick her f-ing ass…

    But she always manages to slip in front of me when someone is taking a picture.. then the bitch runs before I see the pic.. so rude

  3. dee – yep, she reared her ugly head! I may have yelled at her to please eff off, I’m trying to concentrate, but I think the girls around me may have thought that a little strange 🙂
    magda – the camera is not my friend either! I gave up on keeping my chin up and tummy sucked in, because even if I did, the fat cow still manages to budge in front of me! Dammit!

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