Posted by: Nadine | March 22, 2009

Starting over

Sigh…. weighed in this morning.  No big surprise, I’m back up to 167.5.  I’ve spent the past few days not exercising and eating like a moron.  I could blame this cold, but I’m not going to.  I could have tracked my food.  I could have at least gotten out for more walks.  I could have made healthier food choices.  BUT I didn’t.

So I’m trying something new.  Instead of getting angry at myself, or feeling embarrassed, or ashamed, I’m going to look at this as a brand new start.  Sure, I screwed up.  I’m already paying for it by making my hill a little higher to climb, what good will it do to sit around and feel bad about it?

I’m still not as heavy as when I started, so I’ve still made progress.  THAT I can be proud of.  I’m going to hold my head up high, and consider today a new starting point.


  1. new week!!!

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