Posted by: Nadine | March 17, 2009

It IS actually true!

I’ve heard a bunch of things that “they” say about exercise and nutrition, and always wondered if it had any merit.  I’ve found three things that actually do!

The first one is that you sleep better when you exercise.  Now let me say that I’ve been faithfully using my elliptical trainer since Tuesday (except for Sunday, that was my lazy day) and I’ve not been up in the middle of the night since (except for one night with Willow, who was teething and having a really rough time, but that didn’t have anything to do with exercise, or lack of).  I’ve been up pretty early in the morning, but I think that is too hard-wired to do anything about (besides, it doesn’t really bother me, since it’s the only time I get in the day to myself!)  So that one, although may not be news to anyone, IS true!

The second one is that if you eat like an idiot in the morning, you are more likely to eat like an idiot throughout the day.  The other morning when I was tired from being up all night with Willow, I was looking through the cupboards for breakfast and saw a box of Kraft Dinner.  Now, a hundred things went through my head… “No, that’s bad for you!”  “You shouldn’t have it… don’t even think about it!”  “Aww screw it, I’m tired and cranky and I’ll eat what I want.”    Guess which one won?  Oh yes, I had KD for breakfast.  It wasn’t even that good, and the whole day I fought off cravings, and gave in to them more often than I normally would have.  NOT a smart idea.

The third one is that exercise is somewhat of an appetite suppressant.  I tend to watch the clock a lot throughout the day, waiting for “snack time” or mealtime – sometimes I feel totally obessessed with “when” I’m allowed to eat.  I’m not always sure if I’m hungry or bored or just plain eating out of habit.  On the days that I’ve exercised (and by that, I mean actually breaking a sweat – I say that because this didn’t work when all I did was go for a walk) I’ve eaten less.  I haven’t felt hungry or deprived.

So there it is!  That being said, my weigh-in on Sunday was another “woohoo” moment – down to 166.  I’ll say it again… Woohoo!!!

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