Posted by: Nadine | March 3, 2009

RIP, Little Buddy

brownie-pic11We noticed about a month ago that our little hamster Brownie was starting to look and act really, really old.  Ryan and I spoke to Haley about it, since he is technically hers, and prepared ourselves for the worst.  Finally, last night, Brownie passed away.

We brought him home for Haley for her sixth birthday.  She had wanted a pet for a long time, and since Ryan is so allergic to cats and dogs, we thought a hamster would be perfect for her.  Someone for her to take care of and love.  When she came home from school that day and we introduced her to her new hamster, she was thrilled.  She named him and promised to always take good care of him.

From day one, Brownie provided endless hours of entertainment.  He would scale the walls of his cage like Spiderman, sometimes hanging from the ceiling until he couldn’t hang on anymore and toppled down.  When we first got him a wheel, he would climb up the walls and try to run ON TOP of the wheel, until we showed him a few times that it might be easier to run inside of the wheel instead 🙂

brownie-pic21It was even better to put him in his little hamster-ball and let him rip around the house.  We would have to block off the stairs so he wouldn’t hurt himself, and let him loose.  He used to love the freedom.  Sometime when I would sit on the couch he would run right over my feet.  Other times he get stuck somewhere, and we would have to rescue him.  When he was feeling energetic, he could really get that ball going.

I can’t even count how many times I would get up in the night because I couldn’t sleep, and Brownie would be up and ready to keep me company.  He was always appreciative of the fact that I like to snack in the night, so he would get something yummy too.  Some nights it seemed like he was waiting for me.

He was Haley’s best friend.  He was always the first thing on her mind when she got up in the morning.  She would take him out of his cage to play with him and cuddle him every opportunity she got.  She gave him a treat first thing every morning.  She carried him around like her little baby, so much so that I sometimes thought that she was irritating him.   But he never bit her, except once or twice when accidentally she mishandled him.   I think he knew how much she loved him.

We’ll never forget you, little guy.   We’ll never forget your constant curiousity, the way you would perk up and perch on your back legs when something caught your eye.  We’ll never forget the way your whiskers tickled us, or how much you made us laugh.  Thanks for being such an important part of our family.  You will always be in our hearts.


  1. cool.. wanna write my eulogy too? 😉

    bummer about the little guy.

  2. Awe, sad. 😦

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