Posted by: Nadine | February 22, 2009

Woot woot!

I must say it – I ROCK…. I rock…. I rock….

Weigh-in was this morning.  May I have a drum roll please…..

169.5 pounds.

Especially surprising since this week has been a little rough sleep-wise, so I’ve snacked a lot -BUT budgeting for it and getting out for nice long walks for the past 4 days in a row seems to have paid off in a big big way.  And today is skating day, so there’s my exercise for today!  I’m ecstatic – I haven’t seen the 160’s on my scale in at least a year and a half.

This whole past week has been awesome.  The weather has been really sunny and warm, so getting out for walks has been so easy.  I think the sunshine alone has made me feel a ton better.  Being cooped up inside is no fun, since Willow and I both get so bored so easily.  And getting Willow in the stroller seems to be the only way to get her to have a nap these days.  She is not a fan of sleep, just like her mom 🙂

I ran into a good friend on one of my outings.  It was actually my former life coach, and I haven’t really had a chance to speak to him since I quit the coaching sessions.  I guess I’ve  felt a little awkward since I sort of crapped out on him (sheepish grin) but it was so nice to talk to him again.  He has the most contagious positive energy of anyone I have ever met in my life.  Running into him totally made my day.

It’s just about time to get my day started – lots of housework to get caught up on, and LOTS of fun to be had with my husband and kids.  It’s our family day, and it’s going to be fabu.  Off and running!!!


  1. I am SO proud of you!!!!!

    • giggle – thanks! Old favourite jeans, here I come!

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