Posted by: Nadine | February 20, 2009

My name is Nadine……

……… and I am a chocoholic!

Seriously.  If I don’t have it, I panic.

I have been on the path of serious weight loss for the past three weeks (and when I say serious, I mean no excuses, no “slashing all the tires”, yes I stole that phrase, and full accountability) and I have been totally successful.  There is just ONE little glitch that I am still battling with, and it is the almighty CHOCOLATE. 

I saw at the drugstore last Sunday that they had their valentine stock on sale 50% off, so I went in and bought myself one box, thinking that I deserved a little treat.  Then a couple days later, I bought a few more.  Then yesterday, I went back, and bought a few more.

Did I really NEED all this?  Of course not.  But I wanted it (insert weak grin here), really bad!  However, I’ve made a commitment to not overindulge.  It’s all in the freezer, which we keep in the garage, so it’s not easily or conveniently accessible.  I took a big marker and wrote the portion size and calories on the front of each box so I know exactly how much to take out at a time, without having to flip the box over, or just say”screw it” and ignore the nutritional info.  AND, I have to earn it.  No exercise, no chocolate. 

I’ve handled it alright so far…. 🙂


  1. Chocolate is the toughest craving of all. There is nothing in the natural world that will appease it. Experts say that when you have a chocolate craving, have chocolate. Just make sure it’s good quality chocolate. No point in eating empty calories of yuck. Have a good quality dark chocolate, which kills the chocolate craving with a littler amount.

    And remember… sugar is addictive. When you choose to indulge, you are choosing to go through the withdrawls all over again.

    One thing I’ve done is incorporated dark chocolate chips into my daily plan. Usually in my morning oatmeal. It’s only 33 calories for a tablespoon and makes me happy. Totally worth it to me. And I don’t have the sweet crap. It’s good, dark chocolate, so it swirls into my oatmeal and is really strong flavoured. I sweeten with fruit.

  2. LOL So funny I was kidding about the hot chocolate… turns out I AM psychic !!! woo hoo

    Chocolate rocks.. that said I don’t have much trouble saying no to it. (although there have been days.. :P)

  3. Thanks Dee, I will definitely keep that in mind – baby steps, right? I never really completely came off the sugar – I cut back drastically, but when I’ve gone through a night of not sleeping and my energy is low, I have trouble saying no to it. But I’ve only just begun, and I am still inspired to keep trying! And Mag, yes you must be a little psychic, I couldn’t help but laugh when you mentioned the hot chocolate.

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