Posted by: Nadine | February 9, 2009

I’m baaaaaaack!

Hello!  It’s me again!  I needed to take a break from blogging (and the computer in general) to catch up on family time, and quiet time, and ME time (because dammit, I needed it!)  Now I’m back and I’ve got lots to catch up on.  Hopefully I can remember it all.

First of all, weigh-in yesterday was a success – down to 174.  Oh hellllllllllllll yes.  I fell off the wagon twice this week (almost a third time yesterday, a near miss!), but still managed to hop back on and keep trucking, and the scale is thanking me.  I’m so happy.  I can’t wait till my old clothes can fit again.

Disney on Ice’s High School Musical was in Penticton this past weekend, so we decided to surprise Haley and take her there.  After having a sleepover with her cousin and basically spending the whole time fighting with her (reminds me so much of the dynamics my sister and I had growing up – they love each other dearly and like to play together but most of the time they simply CANNOT get along!) getting out of the house seemed the perfect remedy.  We drove up to the convention center and told Haley we were going to a checker’s tournament.  The less-than-thrilled look on her face confirmed that I had managed to fool her, which is amazing since I am such a horrible liar.  Of course once we got inside and you couldn’t turn a corner without a seeing three or four souvenir stands set up, the jig was up.  The show was incredible.  I have to admit, I am a High School Musical fan too 🙂  (whoops, out of the closet I go!)  Willow really enjoyed the music, at one point she was kicking her feet so hard she looked like she was going to fly out of her carseat!  So cute.  Haley had a great time, and it felt really good to do something nice that was JUST for her. 

As usual, we went ice skating again this weekend, but this time instead of just watching, my dad skated too, which was pretty cool since he said he hadn’t been on skates since he was 18!  It was nice to have the whole family participating.  The rink was crazy busy, and there were three other strollers on the ice too, so it was pretty crowded, but still fun.  I do need to practice stopping more, a few times I just about mowed over people who swerved right in front of me.  They obviously take for granted that everyone can just stop on a dime, but I can’t, and they almost found that out the hard way!

I watched “Hysteria – the Def Leppard Story” last night, and loved it.  I have been a fan since early high school (yes, secretly I am a hair-teased, shredded-jeans headbanger) but didn’t have a clue who they really were.  It was so neat to see where they come from, their successes and downfalls, who they really were and how much they overcame to be the stars they were, and still are today.  Very inspiring movie.  I spent almost an hour this morning watching old videos on YouTube!

It appears I will be home with a sick child today, Haley has been up most of the night feeling head-achey and sick to her stomach.  It sucks that this would happen today of all days, since Willow’s check up is this morning, and I was really looking forward to doing some walking.  We will see, maybe after Haley gets a little more sleep she will feel better.  If not, then I will just have to spend the day on the couch with her watching cartoons and reading, which doesn’t sound so bad, either!

I think that’s it, so now I’ll go back to YouTube and look up more Def Leppard videos until it’s time to wake Haley up.  See ya!

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