Posted by: Nadine | February 4, 2009

Sugar before bed – B-A-A-A-A-D idea

So last night, I had saved up for a snack for watching TV after the kids went to bed.  I made my usual popcorn, punched it into Nutrimirror, and saw that I still had almost 200 calories left for the day.  I thought to myself, I’ve been good, I deserve a little treat.  So I got out my chocolate chips and marshmallows, carefully weighed out very small servings (with my BITCHIN’ new food scale), and came up with a wee little snack of only 150 calories.  Happy dance!

Now I probably should mention that since my diet started, I have been sleeping better.  Still waking up a lot in the night, but I’ve been able to get back to sleep.  Tonight, not so much.  It was 2:00 am when I first woke up (from a creepy dream, I might add), and was I able to fall back asleep?  Hell no.

I know it’s not rocket science, but NOW I see what has been keeping me up for all these years.  Or at least has been a major contributor.  Note to self – sugar is evil.  Eating it is a bad idea, but if you must, don’t eat it right before bed!


  1. I will not have you talking shit about my good friend sugar!!!

    LOL.. just playing you might wanna ease up on the sugar before bed at least 🙂 That said I’m stealing a cookie from the kitchen 😀

    • I seriously thought a LITTLE bit of sugar wouldn’t hurt, but it clearly made a difference. Live and learn, right? So that being said, sugar is an EVIL NASTY DITCHPIG. There. I talked shit about your good friend. Take that. 😀

  2. dude…. ditchpig? lol

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