Posted by: Nadine | January 25, 2009

Busy bee

I have been baking my ASS off today.  This doesn’t happen very often anymore, but I got into the mood for fresh baked cookies, and went crazy.  I made some reduced-sugar “sugar cookies” (they aren’t as sweet, but still yummy), chocolate chip cookies for Ryan, and some bran muffins to try to keep some healthy options available (Ryan made fun of me for those – MMMM, BRAAAAAN).  I’m having lots of fun tweaking all the recipes to make sure they have less fat and sugar than normal, and everything has turned out nicely.  Don’t get me wrong – they are still junk food (except the bran muffins, I did a good job with those) but they aren’t AS bad.  Next time I make cookies, I want to try baking them with homemade butter and see how they turn out.  Less preservatives, less salt, less food dye – can’t go wrong!

We will be going skating again this afternoon, and then getting ready for the week to come – laundry, packing lunches for tomorrow, so on and so forth.  Haley will not be impressed, because I refuse to clean the hamster cage today, I’ve done it myself three weeks in a row, it’s somebody else’s turn.  Hey, it’s her hamster!

We are leaving soon, better go spruce up.  Don’t feel like going out with no make-up today!

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