Posted by: Nadine | January 19, 2009

My Weekend

We had such a great weekend.  On Saturday, we all played a game of Mario Party on the WII, and I finally had a chance to take Haley out for ice cream, just the two of us – Willow stayed home with Daddy.  I told her she could order whatever she wanted, which really surprised her, since we’ve really cut back on her sugar intake to try and keep her hyperactivity under control – but hey, it was fun to be the nice mom for once!  We talked and ate until we had tummyaches!  There was an older couple sitting behind us, and I think we were driving them nuts with our chitter chatter, which of course only added to the fun 🙂

After we got home, we tidied up the house a little, and Haley had a friend over to play.  It was really nice to see the two of them playing and having a good time.  Her friend is a really nice kid and I hope the two of them will stay friends.  They definitely generated some good energy with their silliness and laughter.  Reminded me a lot of one of my childhood friends!

Then yesterday we all went skating together again.  I only had to hold Ryan’s hand for about ten minutes then I was off on my own.  I’m doing pretty good, if I do say so myself.  Haley challenged me to a race, and kicked my ass within the first three seconds of it, which she thought was absolutely hilarious.  I spent about half an hour pushing the stroller on the ice, which was a lot more of a workout than I realized.  By the time we were done, I felt like I had actually exercised.  I definitely want to do this every Sunday.

Today my goal is to finish the housework I didn’t get done yesterday, work on the blanket I am knitting, keep Willow as busy as possible, maybe put some child locks on the cupboards (she has already rolled over from back to tummy AND tummy to back, so it won’t be long before she is moving around!) then take Haley to her appointment after school to get her flu shot, THEN take her to skating.    It’s going to be a busy day, so I better get started.


  1. mmm I’m going for lunch tomorrow… and then .. oh yes I have to go get paid $30 to play a board game with my kids tee hee 🙂

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