Posted by: Nadine | January 16, 2009

the past few days….

…. have been hectic as all hell.  With Willow no longer napping the way she used to, I’ve barely got time to breathe!  I can only imagine what it will be like once she learns how to crawl…. yikes….

I took Willow in to the health unit a couple days ago for her immunizations.  This time it was only three needles, as opposed to the four she had to get when she was two months (which seems borderline BARBARIC for a little defenseless baby)  Unfortunately we just don’t have a choice in the matter, with diseases like polio making a comeback you just have to grit your teeth and get them done.  Although it really sucks having to watch your child get stuck like a pincushion, it really helped me to look at the situation with a perspective of gratitude.  We are fortunate to have these vaccinations readily available, paid for with our tax dollars rather than another out-of-pocket expense.  These vaccinations save lives, and I would much rather have my daughter get a few needles than get one of diseases the vaccines prevent.

That being said, I have started walking again.  I have been pretty much housebound because of the cold.  I would go out to get Haley to and from the bus stop and skating, but that’s about it.  I forced myself to pop Willow in the stroller, ignore all the excuses why I should just stay home (housework that had to get done, how inconvenient it would be to pack bottles since nursing in public around here is SUCH a big fricking deal, too cold outside) and walked uptown.  Did a bit of shopping, then came home.  By the time I was done, I was exhilarated from the fresh air and exercise, and realized how much I have missed my walks.  I will be doing it again today, and I can’t wait.

Had  a good talk with my sister the other day, I have meant to call her but me and phones don’t mix very well… it seems that when I quit smoking, I quit talking on the phone too, since I always seemed to do both at the same time.  I used to quite enjoy talking on the phone for hours, but now I just….  don’t.  It also has a lot to do with other people’s bad phone etiquette.  I find it hugely irritating when you are in the middle of a conversation and the other person says “hold on a minute” and proceeds to have a full on conversation with someone else while you’re left hanging.   Once or twice is okay, but over and over again is just plain rude.  One time I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone about that very thing and how much it bugs her, but she does it to me all the time!  And then there are the people who phone four times in a fricking day – “just one more thing” my ass.  Give me some space!  So, I’ve learned to love e-mail instead.

Whew!  I wasn’t planning on ranting, but there it is!


  1. Wha?? Polio is making a come back.. ? dude what?

    oh so THAT’s why you never talk to me.. ho bag 😛

  2. dude.. in India and Africa?? lol they never got rid of polio there… (I did some looking.. unless you’re talking about something I can’t find.. I don’t think you have much to worry about :))

  3. There have been cases here in Canada – it’s been theorized that it’s being brought in from other countries, and basically people that haven’t been vaccinated have spread it. It’s not rampant, but it’s there. And you have been another one of the people I’ve been “meaning to call”. I know, I’m an ass.

  4. It’s true, it was on the news. About the polio, not the Nadine being an ass thing.

    I have a girlfriend who drives me YONKERS because as soon as she’s on the phone all her kids start yakking at her and she yakks back. But she doesn’t even say hold on… you have no idea that she’s not with you until you hear her respond to someone else, then she comes back with “sorry bout that”.


    I don’t call her anymore. I just go out and visit now. Even then… the kids are right up our noses all the time. But this way I can put my hand in their faces and say “I’m talking, go away”.

  5. Ha I’m glad I don’t talk to those kind of people 😛

    That’s weird about the polio.. I thought the vaccine was standard?? how are people not vaccinated with it?

  6. Some people enter the country without it because it isn’t available where they live. There are also a lot of people here who choose not to get vaccinated because from what I’ve heard, there have been suspected links between a preservative in the vaccines and autism, but they don’t know for sure.

    And Dee, I feel your pain – that friend I mentioned actually will START a conversation with someone else if they happen to be around. It’s like she thinks I actually WANT to listen to her talk to someone else! It’s like “HELLO! I’m still here!” Not fun.

  7. hahahahah at least they are talking to someone .. my friend just spaces out and stops listening after I’ve had a nice little chat they say hu wait what was that? oh ok you were reading something online and missed a sentence fair enough been guilty myself.. oh you missed 5 mins>? go to hell.

    Yeah I heard something about the autism and vaccines.. pure stupidity… autism has been around much longer than vaccines and the incidence of autism per capita hasn’t really risen so where the hell are they getting this information? It’s like saying that farts make plants grow.. they grow all the time and all manner of creatures get their fart on regularly! clear correlation oh wait no they are completely unrelated…. If some one wants to do a real study and show some sort or genuine trend I might be inclined to consider it, but really… it’s just silly (if you look hard enough you can find trends to prove ANYTHING, just leave out some details and bam!

  8. Well put 🙂

  9. Wow, you call that being positive? To be honest I am surprised that Nadine approved your comments. Who, precisely, do you think you you are?

    For starters, this is her blog.. if you don’t like what she has to say then, to put it simply.

    Don’t come here and read it.

    You could have made your point by simply saying “Hey this seemed a little negative, you ok? Try keeping it a bit more positive” Instead you insult her numerous times telling her how childish she is. And BTW I don’t really see how she is being wildly childish or Negative? These posts are peppered with comments about how happy and wonderful her life is.

    About the Vaccine, did you read what I wrote? I commented on how silly people are, being afraid of vaccines. And as for your impertinent little comment about my not knowing about the ‘HUGE come back’ Polio is making, I don’t live in Canada (or anywhere near North America), I don’t live in an English speaking country and am not exposed to any western Media. Nor have I for over 7 years. And as for the ‘HUGE come back’, I suspect you watch too much sensationalist tv with out doing any research to it back up.

    I made my comments about being surprised about polio AFTER researching online.

    If there really is a resurgence of the disease I would be greatly interested to hear and read about it, since you seem to know so much about it, please direct me toward the information. I checked both the CDC (which says there is not a risk of catching polio in the United States, updated Jan 18th 2009) and the WHO. Neither of which mentions a thing about polio cases in North America. This is a genuine request, I do not live in NA and I cannot find any information on this, if you have any please share.

    I apologize if this came off harshly, but to be honest what you said pissed me off. But I’ve said my piece and I hope I haven’t offended you.

    Have a nice day.

  10. heh heh – mag I deleted my “aunt’s” comments, now it looks like you’re arguing with an invisible person 😀

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