Posted by: Nadine | January 13, 2009

Gah – my free time is toast!

I wish babies would follow their “supposed to” manual.  Meaning, aren’t they supposed to sleep 16 hours of the day?  MINE DOESN’T!!!  She has officially given up her long naps – she used to sleep a three hour nap every morning, then another two hour nap in the afternoon, then go to bed and sleep from about 8 pm until 6 pm.  I was able to get all my housework done, then spend the rest of the time doing things I wanted to do, like catching up on phone calls, or emails, or just taking the time for ME.  Well, now that she is a little older, I am lucky if Willow will sleep for 45 minutes at a time.  Dammit!  She’s cute as hell and comparatively an easy baby to take care of, but I miss my breaks 🙂

On Sunday, I went ice skating for the first time since I was 13 (I think).  It’s been many years!  And it was TREMENDOUS fun!  Ryan was so kind as to hold my hand while he pushed Willow in the stroller, otherwise I would have landed on my ass (and probably my face) several times.  Haley thought she was being hilarious when she brought me a set of bars – you know, the kind that little kids use when they are first learning, looks like a mini soccer-goal.  Smart ass!  I used it for a second just to humour her.  See, I’m a good sport!

Past few days have been mundane and boring, nothing really new to tell.  Hope the weather warms up a little so I can get out of the house more.

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