Posted by: Nadine | January 9, 2009

Making Changes

A while ago I watched this video called “The Story of Stuff”.  I knew consumerism is a huge problem, but the video was really eye-opening as to how much it really affects the whole planet.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it at  It’s really made me take a look around my house and see all the crap I just had to have, so I bought it, and now I never use it.  What a waste.  It’s even worse with things I bought my oldest daughter – my garage is full of toys and crap that I bought for her because she BEGGED, PLEADED and WHINED – used them once or twice, then just added to the rest of the clutter in her room.  (yes I stopped buying her things, no comments on how badly I spoiled my child please.)

Everyone knows I’m a shopaholic!  However, I’ve always had this nagging feeling,  like the clutter in my house was taking up my space, almost closing in on me.   But I hadn’t given any thought to the other damaging effects of over-shopping, such as pollution, or governmental corruption!  So now I’m more motivated than ever to get this crap out of my house once and for all – I’m going to start planning my garage sale now!  And from now on, when I am shopping, I will think twice about what I’m buying – do I really need it?  Or am I simply shopping to cover up feelings of self-doubt, fear, or sadness?

On a completely unrelated note, I watched an awesome movie last night called “PS I Love You”.  Hilarious!  I especially loved “Denise” (Lisa Kudrow’s character)  I wish I would have been so straight-forward back when I was looking for Mr. Right.  She would interview them right after she introduced herself … “Are you single?  Are you gay?  Are you working?”  Then she would kiss them to see if she liked the way they kissed!  My hero.  A side bonus to the movie is that the two of the main characters are Irish men, and an Irish accent is only about the sexiest frigging accent in existence.  Damn!  I will have to watch it again.  Yummy!


  1. Hey, you know what is really great for the shopping thing? Start tracking your finances… like with a note book or even a computer program.. I use Money Dance but their all the same essentially . gnucash is free…

    Anyway it’s not for some, and it took me many false starts to get into the groove but now I have been tracking my money consistently (with out missing a month and having to just start over ) for two years.

    When you first start you find yourself asking with everything you buy.. do I really need this am I prepared to write it down and admit to my self later that I blew x amount of $ on xyz? It’s really good for reprogramming yourself.. even if you’re not adding up all your totals each month.. if you’re interested in more information let me know and I’ll hook you up.. email call etc 🙂

  2. I’ve actually tried the whole tracking finances thing but in order for that to work, Ryan has to cooperate, which he doesn’t. We’ve started to get a lot smarter with our money over the past couple years, we’ve actually managed to get some money into savings, so I guess we’re doing something right. Have you seen that movie I was talking about? That accent is enough to make you want to rip your panties off!

  3. you could just track your side of it.. and just count money from him as a ‘paycheck’ and money you give to him as ‘money’ to ryan… Plus once he sees you at ir for a while he might smarten up 😀

    lol yeah I saw that move I love how lisa kudro acts.. The accent was pretty sexy too 😛

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