Posted by: Nadine | January 8, 2009

Messin’ Around

Check out my epic cuteness!

Check out my epic cuteness!


Today I’m just fooling around with my blog, I’m up really early and bored so I thought I would share this ridiculously adorable picture of Baby Willow.  I seriously love having a baby in the house – babies have no judgement (they learn that crap later on), so can just swoop them up, dance around to goofy music, sing in your REALLY BAD singing voice – and they love it!  And you get to play with all their super-cool baby toys – I know every generation says this, but I never had cool toys like that when I was little!  We’ve decided that this will be our last child, so I’m enjoying every second I have with her while she is small  – before she learns how to talk back….!


  1. cute in pictures.. 😛

  2. I Know Just how you feel. felt the same way eith the mag. She is a doll!!
    Love Peg

  3. thanks, mum – I wish I could take full credit for her cuteness, but I guess I had help… 🙂

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