Posted by: Nadine | January 5, 2009

Ahhhh, the quiet!

I officially have the house all to myself.  I sent Ryan off to work this morning, and sent Haley to school.  Baby is sleeping right now and to tell the truth, I’m finding the silence a bit unnerving.  I turned on some music (lately I’ve had a hankering for cheesy 80’s and 90’s music, and found a great channel for it – for those of you with Starchoice, it’s channel 905) but I’m still kind of lonely.  Housework obviously isn’t keeping me busy enough!

I read my friend’s blog this morning and read her thoughts on the BART police shooting, and I tend to agree with her.  It seems that in the states, any trigger-happy douchebag who wants a badge and a gun, gets one.   It sickens me any time I hear a story about someone being hurt or killed because of what colour they are, or their choice of religion, or who they love.  It’s an exceptional slap in the face when these acts of violence are carried out by those we pay to protect us – the police.    I just wrote (yesterday?) about how grateful I am about my life, and this story really affirms that.  I mean, when I send my kid out the door to go to school or go play, I have what you could consider pretty generic parental worries, but I’ve never had to worry that she’ll get her ass shot for the colour of her skin, or whatever.  Makes me wonder what is wrong with people out there who think that it’s OKAY to judge a fellow human being that way.  Maybe they haven’t had sufficient time to evolve.

Come on, people, there’s no excuse for this.   We can do better, and we can demand better.


  1. Exactly! I swear we grew up in hickville Canada, and we are still more enlightened than the people from the land of the ‘Free’ …. free my ass.

    Dude.. did you see the macbook wheel thing? I almost piddled when I saw it.

  2. I just watched “The Great Debaters” last night, and the whole time I was just flabbergasted at how black people were treated in such recent history, then I remembered IT STILL HAPPENS TODAY. Truly disgusting.
    Yeah I saw the Macbook Wheel thing. Had me fooled for a minute 🙂

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