Posted by: Nadine | January 3, 2009

Up all night – again!

Why? Why is it that I am blessed with a baby that sleeps beautifully through the night, yet I can’t seem to enjoy it by sleeping too? Around 12:30, something woke me out of a dead-ass sleep – I’m guessing that Ryan was snoring – and as soon as I’m awake, BAM, my mind starts reeling. Dammit!

So I spent my time changing the privacy settings on my blog. I posted the address on my Facebook account, but decided that I would rather keep the blog between close friends. I’m still trying to figure out how to spruce up my blog page a bit more, but hey, I’ve got all night!


  1. Can I make another blogging suggestion?

    Switch to WordPress, then you can set the privacy on each post… keeping the pictures on the side and some post available for everyone to read…

  2. Good idea, Mag. I would do the same, but I have my “private” blog with the weight loss ladies, and then the public one. Whenever I’m feeling not very PC, I’ll blog my rant to my ladies. Everything else is for public consumption!

    Nadine, there are a couple of tricks that I’ve learned over the years to shut off your mind. I suffer the same thing.

    1) Sing Oh Canada over and over in your head. Think about the words. If you find your mind wanders, bring it back and start over. It usually takes two renditions and I’m out.

    2) Count backwards from 300 by 3s. It gives your mind something to focus on. Again, if you find wandering, bring it back and start over. I have yet to reach 200 before I’m conked.

  3. great tips, both of you! thanks!!! 🙂

  4. If you mess around with the widgets you can add the pics on the side too (get a flickr account) it’s free and really easy to use 🙂 Then when ever you put new pics on the flickr they will show on the blog (like mine does) There are tons of things to play with in word press I still don’t know all of them and I’ve been playing around on here for months… I CAN’T believe how long I stayed on livejournal!

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